The Right Way To Design A Sloped Garden

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A sloped garden can be very tricky and a lot of people tend to see it as a negative thing. But as long as you know how to design it correctly, it can actually be a great, unique outdoor space. There are some big benefits to having a sloped garden, like adding a small stream, for example. You also get great views from the higher end of the garden too, so it’s not all bad. If you have a sloped garden in your home and you’re not sure what to do with it, here are a few important things you should know.

Manage Rainwater Buildup

Managing rainwater properly is absolutely vital in a sloped garden and it’s something that a lot of people really struggle with. As you would expect, when it rains, that water is going to collect at the bottom of the garden in a big pool. Unless you can get rid of it, a large section of your garden will be completely unusable. The easiest way to deal with that excess rainwater is to install a Tsurumi HS2.4S sump pump which will drain and redirect all of that water away from the property. You could even store it in a water butt and use it to water your plants with, so you can save a bit of money on your water bill. As well as installing a pump, you need to add drainage where you can, so as much water as possible will run off naturally. Once you have the rainwater under control, you can start designing the rest of the garden.

Split The Garden Up

The easiest way to get more use out of a sloped garden is to split it up into different terraced areas. If you dig down into the soil and then put some supporting walls, you can divide the garden into distinct levels, separated by a small set of steps. Breaking the garden up gives you more opportunities to do different things. On one level, you can create a beautiful patio area, then you can keep the lawn and add plants on another. When you start dividing the garden into distinct areas and doing something with them, you’ll begin to see the sloped garden as a positive rather than a negative.

Add Some Water Features

The best thing about a sloped garden is the potential for some amazing water features. It’s quite simple to dig out a stream that runs the length of the garden and it’s a great feature that brings the different areas of the garden together. You don’t need to worry about shifting soil around because you can use the natural slope of the garden. Build a border with some stones, and then plant around the edges to create a natural looking stream through the garden. If you are digging into the soil and building different levels, you can even introduce mini waterfalls as well.

At first glance, a sloped garden can seem like it’s a bit of a pain but when you get working on it, you’ll realize that it can be amazing.