Three Familiar Principals to Apply When Landscaping Your Garden

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If your garden needs a facelift, designing the layout and doing the landscaping on your own steam can be massively rewarding. Of course, it’s also quite an undertaking. Even if you have the right gardening tools to make your life easier, getting stuck into such a large-scale project can be daunting. If you’re up for the challenge, these landscaping tips will help you create your own Garden of Eden.

Interior Design Experience Is Applicable

Many people who feel totally competent when it comes to designing their home interiors find the thought of redesigning their gardens completely terrifying. If you’re intimidated by the thought of designing your outdoor space, try using your eye for design in a similar way as you would when approaching an interior design project. Consider design elements like colour, space, movement, light and accents or points of interest. You can take things a step further by bringing things that are usually reserved for interiors out into the garden. For example, you might introduce plush outdoor furniture and dreamy lighting to create a cozy garden atmosphere. Of course, the outdoors is different to the indoors, but many people lose sight of the fact that many of the same rules apply. Forgetting this fact for a moment can give you the confidence to apply your knowledge with confidence. And who knows—once you’ve let your eye for design loose on the outdoor environment, you may start looking into landscaping franchise opportunities to put your new-found talents to more extensive use!

Get to Know the Sun

Before you start throwing down concrete or digging out flower beds, do this simple test. Stand outside and ask yourself where ‘North’ is. If you don’t know immediately, you probably haven’t given sufficient consideration to the sun’s position in the sky. This means it’s worth spending more time in the garden, getting to know how the sun affects things like shadow and warmth in various areas of your property, before you start making big changes to the layout. For example, if you’re extending your back step into a patio, you probably won’t get much use out of your new space if you’ve inadvertently picked a spot that has a short-lived sunny spell, or gets too much sun for comfort.

Create a Focal Point

A key feature of eye-catching design in any art form is what’s known as a ‘focal point’. Gardening is no exception. A focal point is a feature that draws your eye and creates harmony in the rest of the frame. Bearing this in mind as you look at various views in your garden is a great way to ensure that your garden is harmonious and interesting from every aspect. Here again, it’s worth noting that if you have an eye for design in another medium, you may be at an advantage when it comes to gardening, even if the most gardening you’ve ever done is mown a lawn. Whether it’s a stone path, or a fantastic water fountain, a striking feature in the garden will give your eyes a place to rest while you take in the rest of your gorgeous landscape.

Redesigning your garden can be daunting if you’re tackling the project yourself. These tips will help you apply well-known principles—and a little common sense—to make your project a success.