4 Tips To Filing A Motorcycle Personal Injury Lawsuit

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Accidents happen and studies show that hundreds of motorcycle accidents take place every year. If you are a bike rider, you have the right to file for a lawsuit if you have been injured in an accident.

The court should take note of what your woes are and do everything it can to ensure that you get the right compensation especially if you are not on the wrong. Most people prefer agreeing with each other once an accident takes place.

Most people say that they did that to save time and money they could use in a court of law. As filing for motorcycle personal injury lawsuit can be a challenge, it is proper that you understand some tips to help you acquire all the compensation from the accident.

1. Talk to a lawyer

Before you start thinking about the case, it is good that you understand the law. The laws differ in many states, and for that reason, you have to speak to a lawyer immediately.

When looking for a lawyer, try to consider the experience of your preferred professional. Remember, once you hire them, they have all the professional duties to argue your case. If they cannot, then it means that you will lose the case.

Speak to them about your situation so that they can get to know the best approach to handle the case. Allow the expert to explain everything on what the law dictates.

2. Document the whole incident

You may have to keep a record of all the things that happened. Most people may not even remember what took place.

Besides that, the other person may alter the evidence; hence, you end up losing your case.

For that reason, take a picture of the crash incident, and speak to several witnesses. They can help provide the needed information for you to win.

Avoid talking with the other individual first before you can speak to a lawyer. That will be helpful especially when you have a little knowledge about the law.

3. Understand everything about insurance

One of the trickiest things that can happen is when dealing with your insurer and the other victim’s insurer.

However, once a crash takes place, you are prone to get compensation. The right insurer can assist in offsetting your hospital bills. When it comes to that, it is also advisable that you speak to an advocate before you deal with any insurer.

The reason for that is that the insurance compensation can be unfair. For instance, the company may only cater for some of your hospital bills and not all.

4. File for a lawsuit as soon as possible

It is always good for a person to hurry in filing the suit as soon as they finish their medication.

Most states have a limitation of the amount of time one should take to apply for a lawsuit. Once the time limit ends, the court will refuse to listen to your case. For instance, the state of

Arizona gives a grace period of two years for one to apply.

Besides that, make sure that you talk to your lawyer as soon as possible.


Avoid dealing with the other party’s insurer because they could also offer you unfair compensation. If you have any fault into the occurrence of the accidents, the court can reduce the amount of money you get by a particular percentage.