Top Benefits of LED Grow Lights for Urban Farming

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Plants need light to carry out photosynthesis and produce the food that we, humans ultimately consume. Farming is the business of growing plants by supplying them with enough light and water, so it can produce the fruits and vegetables that can be brought to the markets and sold for consumption. With the advancement in technology today, the farmers do not have to worry about the growth of the plants by depending upon the light derived from the sun. The all new technology for LED lighting is helping the farmers to grow food in a very cost-effective manner.

Here Are Some Amazing Benefits Of LED Grow Lights For Urban Farming:

Long Lifetime:

The most important benefit of the LED lights in farming is its long life as compared to other illumination technologies. They are highly efficient and also use minimum energy possible which helps it to last for up to 100,000 hours, which is equivalent to eleven years of constant lighting. Other than this, these LED lights are also popular for one more thing, i.e., they do not stop working at once, instead, their brightness starts decreasing slowly which makes the user alert and also gives him enough time to get it changed with a new set of lights. This makes the LED lights just perfect for the greenhouse plants today. Growing plants indoor requires a constant supply of lights for proper growth and with these LED lightings; you can easily ensure your plants’ growth in very low maintenance costs as well.

Improved plant growth through targeted wavelengths

To make any plant grow in a greenhouse environment, it is necessary to regulate and control the artificial conditions that are created in the closed area. They must be kept under the right amount of light and the right temperature to help a natural photosynthesis to take place which the LED lights can provide. The plants are sensitive to a particular wavelength of light and the most of chlorophyll absorption takes place between 400nm to 500nm and also 600nm to 700nm. These wavelengths are cannot be optimized by using the traditional lightings. Only LED grow lights can match the specific absorption ranges and improve the growth efficiency of the plants with least possible loss of energy.

Energy efficiency

Another top benefit of the LED grow lights in farming is that it saves a lot of energy. Research has shown that replacing high-pressure sodium lamps with LED lights in greenhouse environment can help in reducing the energy consumption, and also achieve the best results by increasing efficiency. Research has also stated that when the high-pressure Sodium lamps were tested and compared with the same for LED lighting, a reduced energy consumption of 40% was shown for the LED lights. You should know about the best quality LED Grow lights suitable for greenhouse settings and purchase what suits you the best.

Flexibility in designing

LED lighting is very flexible when it comes to designing and using better technology as compared to other traditional lightings. In greenhouse lighting, these LED lights can be used to achieve the best results for efficient growth of the plants. There are a variety of ways in which the LED lights can be set in the greenhouse environment like, ceiling lights, multi-layered systems and more. The different settings help in losing lesser lights and increasing efficiency to stimulate plant growth.

Emits Less Heat

LED lights are popular for the fact that they emit less heat than light. This property of LED lights is very important for a successful plant growth as excessive heat can damage the growth of the plants and also can reduce their lifetime. Using the LED technology will help in emitting less heat and provide more light to the plants and ensure that the plants receive what they need.


We hope the above information will help you to know about the benefits of LED grow lights. To continue reading about LED grow lights & how to choose the perfect one for your indoor garden you can read informative LED grow lights guide with tips on how to use them effectively at Guide For Shoppers.