How to Repair Toro Lawn Mower: Useful Tips You Should Know

Overview of Toro lawn mower

Toro lawn mower is a very familiar brand name of lawn mower. Toro is an American company. Its headquarters is located in Bloomington, Minnesota, US. This company manufactures landscape and turf maintenance products, and Toro lawn mower is a famous product line of it which is linked to their company name.

Nowadays, we can find a Toro lawn mower easily in almost every supermarket or shopping mall, and if you have already owned a Toro lawn mower, or you are intending to buy one, then this article is written especially for you. In this article, we would like to introduce the way to repair your Toro lawn mower, so that you will be able to repair it at home, in case you encounter any issue during the using process.

Some useful tips to repair a Toro lawn mower

There are three main sources of the Toro lawn mower problems, which can be the root causes of 80% of the issues that occur with your Toro lawn mower. These three main sources are: air filter, spark plug and mower blade. And we will show you the way to check and fix the issues below.

1. Spark plug

Spark plug

The issues with the spark plug will make you not be able to start your Toro lawn mower. So, if you cannot start your lawn mower as usual or your Toro lawn mower stops working and you cannot restart it again, please check the spark plug first.

You should locate the position of the spark plug on your Toro lawn mower first. You can do this task easily by using the structural model of your lawn mower in the manual. Then take out the spark plug boot, and use a wrench to remove the spark plug out of the Toro lawn mower.

After that, check the connection of the spark plug carefully. After a long time, the connection of the spark plug will be soiled with the dirt and scale. You just need to use sandpaper to remove the dirt, then reassemble the spark plug and restart your Toro lawn mower.

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2. Air filter

Air filter


The air filter is also an important part of your Toro lawn mower. Its role is to prevent the engine from dirt and small piece of lawn but still supply enough fresh air for the operation of the lawn mower. Clog is the common issue of the air filter, and it can occur easily after a long time using without cleaning. A clogged air filter will not be able to supply enough fresh air for Toro lawn mower engine, therefore; it will be over-heated or even cannot work normally.

3. Mower blade

Mower Blade

Sometimes, if you feel your Toro lawn mower does not work as effectively as normal, or the shape of the cut is not good. It means you should check the sharpness of the mower blade. A dull mower blade not only wastes your time but also damages the engine by increasing the temperature as well as the friction inside.

You can check the sharpness of the mower blade easily with your bare eyes. If it is dull or chipped, you will be able to recognize it easily. Lay your Toro lawn mower down and use a wrench to take the mower blade out. But do not forget to disconnect the spark plug before you touch the mower blade. Then, you can use a sharpening tool to sharpen your mower blade or just replace it with a new one if it has had severe damage. If you do not know how to take out the mower blade, please search for the guidance in the Toro lawn mower repair manual or watch some videos on the internet. Then you can do it by yourself easily.


After reading this article, you may understand three main sources of the Toro lawn mower issues as well as the Toro lawn mower repair tips. Actually, there is one more source of the issues, which is the engine of the Toro lawn mower. But in this article, we do not want to mention about this source because it is too complicated to be fixed at home, if you do not have a technical background. So, we recommend to bring it to the Toro lawn mower repair shop, if you encounter any issue that is related to the engine. You may save your efforts, your time, or even your money if you have your Toro lawn mower repaired by a professional engineer.

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