Trendy Ways to Use Reclaimed Wood for Designing

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Reclaimed wood gets used for framing purposes. They are available in small pieces and modern styles to provide you with an attractive look. The traditional details found in a kitchen may be supplemented by a split, notched, and faultlessly used reclaimed wood. Modern homeowners use reclaimed wood for different purposes. It is a significant reason why interior decorating is incorporating it in their designs. They get used for ceiling purposes, door and floor, headboard, cabinet and islands, and other aspects. Moreover, it gets employed for beams and ceilings, wall finishes, and shelves.

The best areas where you can use reclaimed wood

As stated earlier, the material for displaying a different finish is in high demand. Users are well-aware of the several aspects of the material and the look it offers to your home. From the horizontal brackets to the metal frame, these pieces find a perfect place on the shelf. Apart from this, the other uses are listed below:

  • For floor and door: You may mix reclaimed wood of different styles and types. It will help in creating color contrast. People do it with a pretty reclaimed wood floor with a natural stain. If you have a hefty door to cover up, the black-brown reclaimed wood would be the best option for you.
  • Reclaimed wood as flooring: The style of reclaimed wood you select determines the final appearance. The wood illustrates the lifetime of bruises and bumps because of the clear finish. Moreover, the complete horizontal lap and rustic country aesthetic add to the different look.
  • The wood is used as a headboard: It gets employed for amplifying the characteristics which make individuals love the warmth, serenity, texture, and color of the room. The natural accents and color are the properties that make this material stand out.
  • Horizontal wall finishes: After removing the old finish, you may add reclaimed wood to give it a specific look. You may go for a muted color wash or a leaning finish to add an elegant highlight to the texture-drive rooms.
  • For cabinet and islands: Those individuals who like the vintage mix with a modern vibe opt for it. Reclaimed wood is the best option for them. The storage cabinet and board pieces are vacated, with half finishes, which create visual interest.
  • Reclaimed wood for stair treads: Most homeowners are interested in creating a contrast between the modern and the vintage. The vintage tends to go for softening the tougher cords. Whereas the fresh look gives a clear-cut appeal. The planks of the reclaimed wood get cut into stair treads. It lends coziness to the overall allure.

Apart from this, reclaimed wood designs walls, floor and ceiling, and mudroom accent. You may use it for distinctive floor and paneling. You may also explore reclaimed wood projects for your wall art and display shelves. These days reclaimed wood is also used for kitchen island tops and doors. It is gradually gaining the grounds for kitchen cabinets and shelves. Hence, you may look into your personality and lifestyle as a determining factor while working with reclaimed wood.