Turn the Buzzing Around this Spring by Making your Home Pest-Free

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The blooming of flowers, morning sunlight making the leaves shine, and as the weather takes a delightful turn, eventually make our lives better, giving us the ray of hope and a blessed today. When spring is busy filling our lives with anticipation and positivity, there are homeowners who are going one step further in making their lives more appealing, as this season calls for a pest-free house, which can make the positivity to stay for much longer.

When the homeowners are busy in the dusting, cleaning, and sweeping their premises, it is important for them to go for a full pest control check by professionals at Drake Pest Control, in order to incorporate the appropriate pest-proofing into their spring cleaning process.

Even though summer pests might look like just annoyance, but the warm weather interlopers invading in the spring season like flies, rodents, ants, and termites pose severe coercions to individuals and property. For any homeowner, it is crucial to ensure that their property is appropriately equipped for the season ahead. We have beefed up the pests that might pretense glitches during the spring and have also narrated the approach for you to get rid of them.


Not only you, but your pests are also in some serious health risks if ticks are your house guests. Precisely, they are the most dangerous pests and are known for transmitting diseases like Lyme disease and RMSF (Rocky Mountain spotted fever). These pests usually hide out in your lawn, when you see the beautiful tall grass, there is a fair chance in this season, and you have unwanted guests, who are finding their way to be welcomed in your house for an extended stay.

They can also be hidden in the shrubbery, alongside trails or roads, waiting for a warm place for the spring vacation. Therefore, it is important for you to ensure that you keep your premises well-maintained and trimmed. If you have a doubt that you might are the host for ticks stay, it is imperative that you remove it immediately in order to reduce your chance of becoming a victim of a disease.


Fleas are commonly known as a bother to the pets like your cats or dogs, but you need to get a heads up that these pests are equally dangerous to humans, they can cause allergic reactions and can transmit severe diseases. These are the parasites that might cause spread bubonic plague and intermittent dermatitis the as well as tapeworm to pets.

The caution the homeowners need to consider for keeping fleas out of the premises, family, and pets is to retain a clean home by regularly vacuuming and keeping the bed linens fresh and tidy. They should also ensure that the outdoors, patio, yard, and lawns are spruce, as fleas have a tendency to hide in tall grass. Archetypally, fleas tend to travel upon rodents, so eradicate any portage sites for rodent entrance like overgrown shrubs or trees.


Every year you can see over 20 different ant species infiltrates homes, offices, as well as school premises throughout the world. Even though ants seems like just a pest, but in reality, they pose tangible and severe threats such as food contamination, which can lead to food poisoning, and if not treated properly can cause stomach infection, as well as can lead to property damage, which can be expensive for you to repair.

The most important thing you need to take care of these pests is to look out for cracks and holes in the premises, and if you find some, then you immediately have to seal the cracks and fissures so that you can restrict the entry of these pests in your premises. Inhibit the entry of ants into the kitchen by disposing of the litter regularly. In addition to this, eradicate dampness or standing water around your home and keep tree branches and plants trimmed, as highways can be a route for the ants to enter your home.


The occasional disposal of the trash can be a house of flies, making you sick even from the things you have rarely given a thought. Everyone says that home-cooked food is the safest, but when your premises have house flies as tenants, then the most reliable word can be contradicting. House flies infect the food surfaces by spreading disease, sometimes incurable, which they have picked up from the long-time trash you have kept in your house, feces, and other rotting substances.

You can fall the victim of any of the bacteria, as these flies are known to transfuse over hundreds of different pathogens, including Listeria, E. coli, typhoid, and salmonellosis and harmful viruses like Cryptosporidium. With vigilant sanitation, you can easily prevent yourself from getting infected by viruses these house flies cause. The first and crucial trick is to dispose of the trash, then keep your kitchen counters clean and spot-free. Ensure to repair any visible clefts or blubbering to weave screens around the home.

All in All

Spring is the amazing season, with spring breaks, and beautiful weather approaching, you’ll have to take care of your health as well as the health of your premises. These pests are thee intruders that can cause you an unaffordable as well as an unbearable trip to a clinic, so it is better for you to take care beforehand and have a happy, peaceful, and healthy spring.

If you are having any doubts that your place can be affected by pests like fleas, house flies, termites, rodents, cockroaches, or rodents, you need to contact a professional so that they can take a look at your house and prevent you and your property from damage. There are chances that your porch and deck are affected by termites, which you are unable to see, so a check or house examination from a pest control department is crucial before it gets too late, and you see yourself reconstructing your deck and porch. The experts can work with you and help you to develop an extermination plan. The professional assessment will help you to recognize any significant or minor issues beforehand so that they can get it under control.