How can a two storey house gives you living benefits

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Whenever building a home, many thought come across into your minds amongst which deciding your home’s storey remain above the top of the others. Investing in your house is one of the biggest investments that a person does in his entire life. Due to this reason he mainly gets confused in selecting how many storeys shall his home has. If you were amongst those confused persons who couldn’t decide amongst these then there is nothing to worry about. Personally many people prefer 2 storey as compared to a single storey and the reasons would be told in the article below. This article has got you covered and will guide you through how can a two storey house design gives you living benefits.

Size and capacity of two storey house design is bigger

Without any doubt, one of the main reason why people like and opt for two-storey house is because of the size. Why shall a person live in a small one size storey if he can live in double the size by just building a bit up? If a person resides in a narrow or smaller block then he can simply build another storey which will end up in an increase in the room as well as backyard. Nowadays cheap and affordable land is too difficult to find due to which a person should go with a smarter approach instead. Due to the larger blocks, the double storey has seen a huge spike since last year’s as many are approaching for a smarter plan instead of wasting their money on a land which is more expensive.


The area where you reside in plays a major role in deciding whether a person should opt for two storey or not. In an area where the land or rent is way too high, building a two storey can be a smarter approach as it can further increase the land value. A person would love to happily pay a bit more if he is told that he would be getting a two storey house design instead of one. This also increases the demand for the land leading to its actual price skyrocketing.

Backyard available in two storey house design

Backyard plays an important role in finalizing a home when opting for one. Due to the double storey, a lot of vacant room is left out for exploration and trying out things in the house. One can definitely play with their ideas and can opt for gardens, swimming pools, and much more. In a single storey one is limited to only a few choices and cant to much as compared to the two storey house design.


There is a misconception regarding the price of two storey house design that needs to be cleared right away. Many people believe that they have to pay double the price or investment that they have invested. But in reality, the two storey only adds around 15-30% extra of the actual investment. Looking towards its benefits, it is never a bad choice to pay a bit more and enjoy much greater or even double. It has also been stated that due to flooring and stuff, in most of cases double storey has been even proved to be cheaper than the single storey. It is clearly evident and self-explanatory that building a double and two storey house is more beneficial than opting for a single storey house.