Types of Heating Systems for A Smarter House

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During the fall and winter season, the cold temperature inside your home can be detrimental not just to your health but to the health of your loved ones as well. The reason behind it is that during the cold season, moistures inside your home condenses that could lead to dampness and mold formation. If left unchecked, molds can worsen individuals who are suffering from allergies, asthma, and other respiratory issues. Furthermore, one’s heart rate and blood pressure can also be affected if they are exposed to colder temperatures, which might trigger a heart attack or stroke. This is the very reason why you should have a heating system in your home not just to provide warm but as well as a cozy and welcoming atmosphere during the cold season.

Below we have listed some must-have heating systems in your home.

Central furnace

This type of furnace works by delivering heated air through ducts that were connected to every room in the house through air registers or grills. In some areas, it is also known as forced warm-air or ducted warm-air distribution system. Usually, central furnaces are powered by fuel oil or gas, but in urban areas, people prefer electricity as its source of power. The central furnace system can also come with air cleaners and whole-home humidification systems that would purify the air you breathe as it passes through the system. Furthermore, it can heat your fast compared to electric and hydronic heating systems.

Hydronic heating

Hydronic systems, or popularly known as boilers, use hot water to distribute the heat through sealed pipes to radiators throughout your house. This system can also be used in heating floor slabs, swimming pools, and towel rails. The systems radiators serve as ‘Heat Emitters, ’ pushing out natural heat that spreads evenly. When your home is radiantly heated, you can quickly lower the temperature needed to save energy and reduces fuel consumption.

Electric heating

Electric heaters, such as the Pest Pro Thermal Systems won’t just keep bed bugs and pests at bay but also provide therapeutic relief when you sleep. Heat therapy can relax your muscles, promote better blood flow, and ease tension. As we have mentioned earlier, the cold season can be harsh to one’s health, but having this type of heater system in your bedroom can give you comfort and enhance your entire sleeping experience.


Having a fireplace in your home won’t just provide the heat you need, but it also increases your home’s value. The fire offers cozy warmth from the burning wood. It’s an excellent place to read your favorite book or do some indoor activities. It can even provide a romantic setting. Furthermore, even when electricity is out, you and your family can still get warm if you have a fireplace. The fireplace is energy efficient compared to other heating systems that use fossil fuels, thus making it eco-friendly as well.

Wood heating

Similar to the fireplace, wood heating systems use wood as the source of energy and heat. It is also cost-effective since woods are much cheaper than gas, oil, or electricity. However, wood-burning on a large scale can air cause pollution, so make sure to comply with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency protocol when using this type of heating system.

Heat pumps

Heat pumps can work in two different ways. During the cold season, you can use this system to deliver heat with the help of an electrical system inside your home. But during summer, you can also use it to provide cold air.

Having a heating system like the Pest Pro Thermal Systems in your home is essential to keep yourself and your family healthy during the cold season. Always remember these heating systems mentioned above whenever you decide to install one in your home.


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