Acrylic Sheets: A Great Replacement Of Glasses

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It is almost impossible to overlook the dazzling glossiness and impact resistance of an Acrylic sheet made article lying near you. Highly known for its scratch-free nature and long durability, different types of acrylic sheets are replacing the glass in today’s time.

It is prevalent as one of the toughest materials out in the market that can be moulded into the desired shape for a red sea aquarium and has greater load-bearing capacity than polycarbonates. Acrylic properties are suitable for numerous applications, the only thing to take care of here is, choose the right and authentic supplier.

Let’s discover more on various types of acrylic plastic which will help you to bring your dream design to life.

Cast Acrylic Sheet

Do you expect your Acrylic plastic sheet to be clear and good in strength? Cast Acrylic Sheet is the right option for you then. It is a great combination of lightweight, durability and impact resistance. An added advantage is, it comes in different colours, sizes and thicknesses. Such sheets are best suitable for making display cases, and windows.

Extruded Acrylic Sheet

The acrylic sheet properties of Extruded acrylic will surprise you all. The fact that it is three times stronger than the window glass and weighs almost half of it has grabbed millions of eyes. This material is best suitable for display cases, lighting, signage, framing and more. The material doesn’t fade with time but if you feel so, you can choose a colourful one if required.

Marine grade Acrylic Sheet

We generally fear using plastic made compositions if the application involves water usage. But.. here is an end to the fear. Marine grade Acrylic sheet has no impact on water exposure. It can easily be used for boat building and is breakage free even if screws are inserted into it. It can be used for making customized parts of the boat as it comes in a variety of colours.

Mirror Acrylic Sheet

This material is light in weight and has a reflective surface. It is scratch resistant, crack resistant and shatter resistance and also is a good replacement of Glass. Winning over function and form, this material is best suitable for service and high-stress environments. You would be surprised to know that, this sheet is available in 14 different colours.

Light diffusing Acrylic sheet

This sheet is mainly used for making visible the hot spots and luminance fluctuations. Light diffusing acrylic is used for making good-looking signage. Using this material, you will save money as you require less lighting sources.

Non-glare Acrylic sheet

It may happen that sometimes, you need to keep the light completely outside but do not know which material to use? For this, non-glare acrylic sheet is the right choice. Many times, you just want to reduce the glare and make the room look warm, use non-glare acrylic sheet. This sheet provides exceptional protection by absorbing all the light and giving you back the exact look and feel you want on the display.

UV transmitting Acrylic Sheet

Confused with the name? Yes, UV transmittance in a certain application is also necessary. This sheet allows UV-A light and UV-B light to flow into applications involving medical treatments or some tanning beds. UV transmitting sheets allow 92% of UV transmission and are also able to withstand continuous UV exposure. The material is impact resistance and the quality remains intact even if fabrication or fitting is done on it.

We hope the list comprises of all the types that you are looking for. If not, you can contact SheetPlastic an expert seller of acrylic sheets. A pool of options to cater all your needs is available online.