Soak Up the Sun: How to Use Solar Panels in Your Garden

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You built a bunch of raised garden beds. You started a compost and harvest rainwater. Now you’re wondering what’s the next step in leveling up your eco-friendly garden.

Why, it’s making use of solar panels in the garden, of course! After all, your plants are powered by the sun. Why not replicate that in your backyard?

Read on to find the answer to the question, “Can you put solar panels in your garden, and how?”

Solar Garden Lighting

Lighting your yard with the sun is the equivalent of installing solar panels in the garden–except they’re mini. Solar-powered lights feature an LED bulb powered by a teeny solar panel. It works by collecting sunlight during the day, then switching on automatically at night.

Once, these lights were mainly the stake type: a lamp on a pole that you stick into the ground near a path. Today, all kinds of styles are available, from string lights to spotlights designed to highlight trees. Best of all, they won’t add a cent to your electricity bill.

Solar Irrigation Timer

Do you struggle to find time to water your garden regularly? Automate that tedious chore by installing a solar-powered irrigation timer on your garden faucet.

To keep your lawn green year-round, try a solar-powered sprinkler. It will spread water in a circular or backward and forward motion. To keep your raised beds adequately moist, install a drip irrigation system. Depending on your climate, set the timer to turn on once a day or every few days.

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Solar Water Feature

Is your garden your relaxation space? Make it even more tranquil by installing a water feature in your solar-powered garden. By driving the fountain or waterfall using energy from the sun, you’ll save money and help the earth.

Wild-life-friendly water features are also an excellent way to encourage biodiversity in your backyard. Animals like birds and small mammals will drink out of it, and you may even get creatures like frogs or turtles making it their home there.

Solar Garden Shed

If you have a garden shed you use for tool storage, potting up plants, or even as a she-shed, it’s time to switch it off the grid and onto a garden solar panel. You’ll be able to light it for free, listen to the radio, and even power appliances from the outlets.

Are you in the process of installing a garden shed in your backyard? Solar panels can be easily customized to fit onto the roof of your shed. Build them into your planning process from the start.

Install Solar Panels in Your Garden Today

Whether you use solar to power a few pathway lights or power your entire garden on it, you’re going to make a difference to your utility bill… and the planet. Just be sure to shop around to get the best deals on solar panels in the garden. And because the technology of some products is relatively new, look for appliances with warranties or guarantees.

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