10 Foods Your Cat Should Avoid

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Cats are becoming a part of each family. However, the way to raise a cat is not easy, especially the foods for your cat. It is the reason why you should read the post to know about foods which cat should avoid.


Fresh grapes and raisins are delicious, good for humans, but it is really poisonous for cats. Therefore, if cats eat, it will cause sudden kidney failure. If you feed grapes for your cat, signs that occur in 24 hours are diarrhea, poor appetite, drowsiness, weakness, abdominal pain and decreased urination. Therefore, you need to keep this food from eating cats.

Alcoholic drink

Alcoholic beverages or alcohol can cause poisoning, coma and death. It is the reason why you should not use or feed for your cat anything related alcohol.


It is not a good idea for your cat to cook onions with garlic, though it is made in many forms including dough, pressed and cooked. The sulfoxides and disulfide in the onions destroy the blood cells and can cause serious problems in the blood like anemia or stomach ulcers. Parsley is often a hidden ginger so be careful when choosing. It can be found in fast foods and in baby foods.

Chocolate, coffee, caffeine and tea

Caffeine acts as a diuretic for dehydration. Caffeine, theophromine, and theophylline compound cause poisoning that affects the cardiovascular and nervous systems of cats.


Anyone should not eat raw eggs or bacteria, especially with cats because the risk of salmonella or E. coli infection is too high and cause serious problems. In addition, egg white without avidin may prevent the absorption of vitamin B. Canned tuna can cause long-term malnutrition due to lack of vitamins and minerals. Fresh fruits cause deficiency of vitamin B to reduce appetite if frequent feeding easily causes gastrointestinal and mortality.

Milk, dairy products and ice cream

Diarrhea can cause dehydration, especially with adult cats, lactose due to enzyme metabolism Lactose is not enough to digest.


Bones of animals can cause gastrointestinal pancreatic edema or tear, stomach damage of cat. Therefore, you should avoid the food, especially if you have kittens.

Dog’s food

Some people raise dogs and cats at home, they always feed for cat the same food like dog. It is real problem which can make your cat weaken because anti-obesity foods of dogs or foods rich in protein and fat are not good for cats.

Candy and cake

Candies are too sweet to cause diabetes mellitus, chewing gum, some food anti-fat diet of people with chemotherapy, xylitol increase the metabolism of insulin in the blood, causing blood glucose, hypoglycemia, liver failure and coma.


Mushrooms contain toxins, shock, affect the body, muscles and nervous system in the case of bad can be fatal. Therefore, you should avoid the food if you want to your cat having good health.

Cat is known as good friend of people, therefore, if you don’t want your cat get problem with stomach or health, you should check out the Cat Food for Sensitive Stomach. Furthermore, besides foods, you should focus more on the way to ways and common problems can occur in cat when raising up.