3 Benefits to Using a Sawhorse

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A sawhorse is a carpentry tool used mostly by carpenters in their everyday work. It helps to hold wooden materials or timber when sawing. This is a must-have tool for any skilled carpenter but it can also be used by beginners learning woodwork skills. This piece of equipment is an excellent item for painters, drywall installers, plumbers, sheet metal fabricators, and timber framers, just to name a few.

Sawhorses are divided into three main types depending on the material they’re made from. These include:

  • Plastic sawhorses
  • Wooden sawhorses
  • Metallic sawhorses

Depending on preference, each and every type of sawhorse comes with its own benefits. In this article, however, we’ll be looking at the 3 benefits of using a sawhorse.

1. Mobility

Working on a project that requires you to move huge planks of wood and other heavy material is difficult. This means that you want to use equipment that is portable. This eliminates the need to lift heavy stuff and carrying them to your workstation. Sawhorses provide you with exactly that. Most metallic sawhorses can be collapsed and easily fitted to the back of your truck and in the trunk. Those that are made to fold, such as knockdown sawhorses can easily be moved out of the way and will not take much of your storage space. It is important to note, however, that plastic and metallic/steel sawhorses provide greater flexibility and strength than the wooden ones.

2. Saves Time

Carpentry and general woodworking is a profession that requires one to meet set timelines and strict deadlines. Cutting individual logs of wood may take a lot of time. The best at this would be sawhorses that come with wood holders. These help to keep the wood in place for cutting and trimming. In addition to this, sawhorses make it easier for carpenters to work on their projects with ease. Those with adjustable legs make it easier for you to clearly see your cuts without straining your back. One of the most important considerations when looking for the ideal sawhorse is height. Invest in a sawhorse that has a working height of 24-27 inches long.

3. Increase Daily Production

Even to the most reluctant DIYer, a sawhorse is an essential piece of equipment to invest in. If you are still making do with ancient methods such as overturned buckets, then you are losing out. Working with a sawhorse makes it easier to accomplish the hardest of tasks in no time. Because of their handy and versatile uses, you’ll be able to work conveniently and efficiently in maximizing your productivity. These makeshift benches can be used for paint jobs, sewing, and even to store some of your tools.

This is a workstation that’s worth investing in. The best thing is that anyone can benefit from it every now and then. They’ll become the most essential items for so much more than just support. If you are out looking for the best sawhorse, you might want to check woodworknation.com. Nonetheless, it pays to invest in one that incorporates both flexibility and strength. On this note, metallic and wooden sawhorses are bulkier and heavier but they are more convenient. for more on the different varieties of sawhorses.