Do Scented Air Conditioner Filters Work?

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We all want our homes to smell as fresh and pleasant as possible all day long, but we all know how difficult that can be. There are just too many factors that can upset the scent balance in a home, from the smell of food, to stinky laundry, to smelly pets, there are just so many different things that can affect the overall scent of your home. There are various solutions that can work in each individual room, such as plug-in air fresheners, scented candles, or sprayed scent neutralizers, but few that can affect the whole home.

One possible solution that does affect the entire home is using a whole home air freshener. This can be either a scented air filter or a sheet that you attach to your air filter. Since your air conditioning unit distributes air throughout your home, they are convenient ways to get the whole home smelling fresh and pure all day, every day. Each solution has their pros and cons that we will go over, but if you decide that scented air filters are for you, then you can find them at

What Are Scented Air Filters and How Do They Work?

The concept of the scented air filter is very easy to understand since the name says it all. It works just like your regular air filter except that it has a scent that gets distributed to each room as the air passes through it. That makes a scented air filter a quick and convenient way to get your whole home smelling fresh. It is also cost effective because you don’t have to worry about buying products for each individual room.

Are There Any Drawbacks To Scented Air Filters?

The main concern is that scented air filters are not widely available and so may be hard to find. Fortunately, Filter King is one of the online stores that has a selection of scented air filters that they can deliver to your home. The other more serious concern is that scented air filters can compromise the effectiveness of your AC unit. That is because all air filters have a MERV (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value) rating that indicates how effective they are at removing particulates, pollutants, dust, bacteria, and more from the air. A higher MERV rating means a higher level of effectiveness.

A scented air filter may not have the MERV rating you need, which means that you have to trade comfort over safety. However, most homes only need an air filter with a MERV rating of seven to twelve, so you should be able to find one that does not compromise safety for a great whole home scent.

Are There Any Other Whole Home Air Freshener Solutions?

One alternative to a scented air filter is a scented sheet that you can attach to your air filter. The upside is that MERV ratings are not a consideration since you can place the sheet on any air filter regardless of its MERV rating. The main drawbacks are that scented sheets don’t last as long and are not as effective as scented air filters. So even though they are cheap, the costs will add up since you will likely have to buy several of them. There are other solutions like incense sticks placed near the air filter. Any strong scent-producing object placed near the air filter can distribute that scent throughout the home, but this is hardly an ideal solution since it may not be convenient for everyone.

Scented Air Conditioner Filters Do Work

Clearly scented air filters work, the question is will they work for you? The answer depends on how their MERV ratings compare to your needs. If you can find scented air filters with ratings that are high enough for you, then you should definitely consider them as your solution to whole home air freshening. But if the ratings of any scented air filters you can find are too low for you, then you should try to find another solution. Overall scented air filters are an effective and affordable way to get the whole home smelling fresh and to keep it smelling fresh for a long time.