Backyard Gardening: Tips In Doing It Right

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So you’ve decided to convert your backyard into a garden and that’s pretty exciting. For a variety of reasons, gardening can be a rewarding activity and if the space is available, it is worth having a garden.

You could convert your backyard space into a garden because you want some fresh vegetables of your own or to beautify the backyard by growing some flowers. Whatever the reason, it is important to observe certain key things before engaging in gardening. By keeping these factors in mind, you can ensure that your gardening project will produce the desired results.

Here are some tips to help you do your gardening just right.

1. The Right Choice Of Beds

The success of your gardening endeavor will depend on the kind of beds you create in your garden. The type of bed you set up depends on a variety of factors such as what you want to grow and the weather in the region you live in.

In colder climates it is better to make use of raised beds. Raised beds help the soil warm faster during the spring which helps your crops. In warmer climates, it is better to use in ground beds as they require less watering.

Higher beds will mean that a gardener doesn’t have to bend over as much when they are going about their work. While the length of the bed will be dependent on what you want to grow, the width should be 4 feet or less. At that width, it is easier to weed your bed and attend to your crops without stepping into the bed.

2. The Right Choice Of Tools

There are a wide range of gardening tools to pick from, each serving a particular purpose. There are also different tools that can be used in the gardening of different crops and plants. Knowing which particular tools you need is of great importance and you need to ensure you make the right choice.

You must also ensure that you pick the tools that offer you the highest level of ease and convenience in your gardening. For example, wheelbarrows are one of the essential gardening tools and now, one can get a mini wheel dumper. This machine will do all the work a conventional wheelbarrow would with very little, if any, of the effort.

3. Layout Of Your Garden

The layout of your garden will be crucial for many reasons. Layout includes where each component of your garden goes, which beds contain which plants and how much space you leave between your beds. There is need to leave ample space between the beds for you to be able to navigate your garden better.

For example, if you are making use of a mini wheel dumper for your gardening needs, you need to make sure that there is enough space for it to move around your garden beds. It is important to remember that this garden is in your backyard and hence, it forms part of your property. How you put it together affects the outlook of your entire property.

4. Proximity To Trees And Root Systems

Trees and their root systems will interfere with the growth of your plants. The best way is to set up your garden about 10 feet away from any trees that might be on your property. If you cannot grow your plants away from the trees, you can dig around your beds and insert a metal sheet blocking the direction from which the roots will come from.

The proximity of trees will also determine how accessible your plants will be to you. Going around trees or having them in your way when you are trying to go about your gardening can be frustrating and you need to ensure you take the position of your trees into consideration before you start your garden.

Trees create shared which will block your plants from much needed sunlight. If you’re gardening you probably know it already but I will say it again: your plants cannot grow without sunlight. Therefore, avoid areas which will have shade during the day when you are planning your garden and give your plants the sunlight they need.

5. Pick The Right Plants

This might sound like a given but many people struggle with picking the right plants for their gardening needs. You also need to pick plants that are perfect for the environment in which you’ll be growing them. Choosing the right plants will be crucial in the overall success of your backyard garden.

Depending on the type of plants you want to grow, it might be best to grow certain plants from seeds and others through transplanting processes. This choice will also depend on your level of experience with growing the plants of your choice. Some seeds can be tricky to handle and germinate if you are inexperienced and nothing sucks more than a failed crop.

6. Consider Your Water Supply

Another part that goes without saying is that your plants will need a constant and steady supply of water. If you are in an area that receives significant rainfall then you’re in luck. However, if you don’t have enough rain, you will need to water your plants yourself.

Make sure that you have a source of water near your garden so that the task doesn’t become arduous. If watering your garden becomes too much work, the likelihood that you might end up not doing it is high. If you have some extra cash, you can invest in an irrigation system that will require little work from you. Whichever the case, don’t deny your plants the water they need.

The Bottom Line

There are some important things to consider when considering having a garden in your backyard. If done right, gardening can be a joyful experience. After reading the tips given in this small guide, it’s time to get that garden going. Get your glove on, turn your mini wheel dumper on and let’s go gardening.