Caring for Your Garden this Winter

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Winter is here and how can we tell? Because it is freezing outside, which doesn’t make for the best environment to grow attractive plant-life. The plus, however, is that we don’t have to spend hours cutting the grass every weekend, although the lawn can soon begin to look quite sorry for itself during a prolonged cold snap.

At this time of year, it is all about preparation for the year that lies ahead – there isn’t much you can do for the short-term apart from clear away growing weeds and other unwanted materials that may gather. To care for your garden this winter and prepare for when spring eventually does roll back around again, here we will explore some of the essentials you should be doing if you haven’t already done so.

Harvest and Regenerate Your Compost

If you haven’t already replenished your compost, then you need to do so and quickly. All the nutrients and minerals that were there when you first laid the compost before Christmas will be gone having been absorbed by your plants. Clean away the old compost and make way for new, preferably compost that you have harvested and made yourself from recyclable materials.

If you haven’t, then a bag of compost from the shop will have to suffice, but you can certainly get started on harvesting compost ready for the new year in its place. Reusable materials such as eggshells, mowed grass, leaves and more can all bee composted to be used to feed future plant-life in the garden.

Invest in and/or Restore Tools

Every dedicated gardener knows that importance of having a good set of tools they can call upon to achieve the garden of their dreams. Take the winter months to restore your equipment if possible, by cleaning and sharpening equipment such as trimmers and shovels.

Also take the time to clean away any dirt and remove rust with sandpaper or a wire brush. Ensure that your tools a well oiled to avoid stiffness and rub the surfaces with light machine oil, sealing the metal from oxygen which will cause rust.

If, however, your tools are beyond repair, this is the time to invest in new tools or put them on your Christmas wish list.

Lawn Care

How you care for your lawn depends on where in the world you are and how extreme the weather conditions are. Those that are lucky enough to be based in warmer climates likely benefit from boasting a beautifully green lawn all year round, while others aren’t quite so lucky.

For example, if you live in an area such as Surrey, you might see artificial grass as a suitable alternative to a real grass lawn. In the United Kingdom, the weather is famously known for not being the most inviting. Synthetics are growing in popularity, while many gardeners simply refuse to veer away from old faithful and are prepared to spend hours working on their grass.

To care for your lawn in the winter, you need to drain the water from the surface to avoid waterlogging. Additionally, raking your lawn to clear away any clumps of soil and debris that may form on the surface is important, as is applying fertiliser in late autumn or very early winter at the latest.

With the correct care and attention, your garden will remain a fantastic and welcoming part of the home, and you will be one step ahead of the neighbours when it comes to spring.