DIY Essential Tile Hacks You Should Know

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You may have a lot of leftover tiles, which when priced for the total area, they will be too expensive for you to throw away. So you can use these quick hacks to make something out of these to use for your everyday needs.

And even if you don’t have any leftover tiles. You can still get a few to get some DIY home improvement done. Let me take you through them.

1. Photo Tiles

Photo Tiles can help bring your creativity to the table. Simply smear some glue over the tile and put the photos on and keep it pressed for 15 minutes with something heavy like a book or an iron.

Once the photos are all set on the tiles, just add two-way adhesive tapes on the back of the tiles and simply stick them to any surface of  your choice.

2. Tile Coasters and Placemats

This is perhaps one of the most common tile hacks out there. You don’t have to do anything to the tile for the aesthetic or the application.

However, it is advisable to glue a piece of cloth on the back of the tiles to avoid rouging up other surfaces you will place the marble on.

3. Tile Table Top

I tried this last summer and it looked better than those top end marble furniture stores. You need 2 things for this- The Tile and a frame.

You can try subway tiles for this. Even if you don’t have any spare tiles, you can always try investing in one for a quick DIY dining table.

4. Mosaic Plant Pots

This is one of the best ways to reilluminate your living room. If you have one big slab of a marble or some other form of tile, then break it down, use special grouts at the back of the tiles to stick the shards on your plant tops.

5. Tile Stickers

Tile stickers are basically glue backed decals. Tile stickers can be used for many things. You can use them on your front porch to display your street address, or even on your kitchens as a reminder of daily chores.

Simply, use adhesive tapes or glue to stick the paper or vinyl onto the marble and voila! You’re all set.

6. Decorative Tile Tray

These have been trending all over the globe now. Fancy looking food trays, made with marble. You can just use a small slab as the tray itself if you are looking for the most minimalistic feel.

Or you could attach handles to each side to keep holdability as an option to these trays. Use super strong grouts, as we can’t afford to crack the tile by drilling nuts into them.

Now for the finishing touch, add four foam/cardboard/a piece of cloth at the back so you don’t’ damage any surface you keep the tray on.

7. Tiled Magnets

These are just like those fun looking fridge magnets. Except you are coating the upper portion of these magnets with leftover tiles.

8. Tiled Bathroom Mirror

You know those fancy looking bathrooms where the mirror is engulfed by a big tile enclosure? That’s basically it.

Get yourself a high end tile adhesive and basic grout to stick them into the wall. It’s super easy to do and your imagination is your limit. Happy mirroring! 

9. Tile Jewelry

You have seen all kinds of DIY jewellery but I’m sure this one can easily rank in the top 3 if not best.

The application of crafting remains the same. Use strong tile adhesive to stick the tile to a pendant, or any other base of  your choice. After the tile is set, use any extra accessories you think is important. Whatever the end product is, it will look fancy and won’t resemble a cheap knockoff.

10. Plumbing Hack

If you have any cardboard surfaces broken or damaged, then use a tile to cover it.

First off, it will look super nice, secondly,  you’re fixing the damage, and thirdly, you don’t need any professional help.

Simply, put it over the broken plane and it will stay.

If you are using the tile to cover up a vertical plane, then use strong tile adhesives, and grout.

Apply the adhesives and then put the tile back on, and then comes the hard part- wait for 20 minutes or as long as you need for the tile to be set.

Bottom Line

In this modern age of creative invention and DIY, you can make anything out of anything. The same applies to these tiles as well.

Plus, if you want to try out different things, I implore you. This is how these DIY hacks came to be. Some tried to makeshift a necessity with limited resources and came up with an end product that is just as good as the real.