Inspired Stone Fireplace Designs

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A fireplace is an opportunity for creating a decorative, statement in any home. However, the potential to create an inspired fireplace design is often overlooked. With great natural texture and shape, stone fireplaces can create any desired feel when it comes to home decor. As some great inspiration, stone fireplace decor ideas can help you decide the perfect direction to take your  stone fireplace makeover.

Rustic stone fireplace designs are an easy choice because of the organic look that stone naturally carries. Keep colors neutral and decor simplistic, capitalizing on these raw elements can make a stone fireplace cozy and simple. Adding touches of greenery or wood details, such as signs or mantels, are a great way to capture this look.

Keeping stone a darker neutral grey or brown creates a rustic feel with more intense colors. The deeper shades of stone fireplace paint color make for a warmer, cozier feel as far as painted stone fireplaces designs. Again, wood detailing or forrest greens can make for a stylish, yet natural looking rustic stone fireplace.

Creating a unique visual appeal with your fireplace is effortless with a light white or grey stone fireplace paint color.

A cool toned stone fireplace is the perfect way to make a room bold. This is trendy and very stylish, which will make your home attractive and up-to-date. This color can be decorated to create a more modern stone fireplace design. All white stone is easy to dress up and pair with other monochromatic pieces. The white color will stand the test of seasons as well. From a wintery flare to an eye-catching bright pop in summertime, light fireplace paint colors are a great option.

Farmhouse stone fireplace ideas are also popular. With added elements such as faux herbs and branches, these designs fall in line with every home design catalogue these days. Whether dark or light stone, accenting your fireplace with simplistic “shabby chic” pieces can turn a room into the perfect farmhouse inspired spread. Incorporating multiple textures, like wood and stone, strike the perfect balance of eclectic and elegant.

Elegant fireplace styles are stand the test of time. Choosing a timeless, classy spread to makeover your stone fireplace will add charm and beauty to any room. Any stone fireplace color can be incorporated into an elegant inspired design. Bold statement pottery or glass pieces are the perfect mantel accessory. With a clean paint job and beautiful fireplace doors, elegant fireplace designs are the perfect way to update any room.

Don’t waste the potential that stone fireplaces have the elevate the style in your home. These inspired stone fireplace designs will help kickstart your DIY fireplace makeover!