Give Your Patio an Early Spring Refreshment

Well, spring is just around the corner so it is a perfect time to start planning ahead and choose the perfect new look for your patio. Here are some budget-friendly ideas for how to refresh the same old look of your terrace with ease and create your own piece of heaven.

Clean it!

The first step towards making a dreamy patio in your backyard is thoroughly cleaning it. That way you can see what actually needs to be fixed and what needs just a new layer of paint to look fresh again. Grab a brush and a can of paint and voila – a refreshed patio in no time! You should also clean out your backyard and toss out wilted shrubs, bushes, flowers, plants and even trees that are infected with pests or rotten. It is time to start all over again with healthy plants and a whole new landscape plan, to create a stunning new look of your garden area and put an accent on your patio. Make it stand out from all the beautiful greenery!

Color it!

When it comes to choosing the perfect color palette, it is best to use neutral shades or earth tones and add color with decorative details to complete the makeover. The key for a trendy patio is in a few strongly colored accents! For example, a turquoise garden table is a great solution to refresh the dark wooden garden furniture and to make a contrast; a combination of strong yellow, deep blue and light green colored decorative pillows and comfy neutral or beige cushions will emphasize the coziness of a relaxing corner. Add a knitted throw (or two - there are never too many throws) for chilly evenings and a colorful outdoor rug to achieve extra homey atmosphere. Make sure not to exaggerate with colorfulness of the decoration, if the rug is monochromatic put an accent on furniture or vice versa.


Create a relaxing spot

You don't have to break a bank and purchase new garden furniture (honestly, it can be extremely expensive) - you can update it by simply refurbishing worn-out materials, repainting and replacing or fixing damaged pieces and parts. If you are lacking inspiration for the patio makeover, think of it as an extension of your living room. Strive to achieve coziness and comfort to create a perfect spot to relax and enjoy the early spring sun. It is always a great (and smart) idea to use the same style and techniques you used inside your home when you were decorating to complete the patio makeover.

Don't forget pergolas and awnings

Refresh the look of the pergolas or awnings as well to complete the refreshing new look of your outdoor area. You can do it easily by repainting them, changing fabrics on awnings (let your imagination run wild and choose fun patterns like flowery or dotted ones) or plant spring-blooming flowering vines to cover your worn-out pergola. A great way to avoid repainting them every once in a while is to invest in automatic and easy to use Oztech Awnings and simply retract them in the winter to avoid the weatherworn look.

If you are handy and love DIY, there are many ideas to take inspiration from and decorate your patio. For example, you can add details on pergolas such as wind chimes, hanging lights (you can take out your Christmas lights and use them as spring decorative lights) or pendants to create a romantically dreamy atmosphere in your own paradise. Put a vintage mirror and lot of candles to make it feel like your own wonderland.

Add more greenery

Bring plants and greenery closer to your terrace because there is no point in having a magical garden somewhere in the back of your yard where you can't enjoy it. Start planting that wonderful early blooming shrubs and bushes to stimulate your senses in springtime. You should pay attention to kinds of plants you are choosing for your garden if you have pets because some of the prettiest ones might be toxic to animals. Also, think in advance when picking the right spot for different plants, flowers or herbs to avoid landscaping problem in future.



Following these simple tips, you can achieve the perfect atmosphere in your relaxing spot right outside your home, in the privacy of your own backyard. Create an oasis in your garden with these easy to do updates for your patio and you will definitely want to spend as much time as you can outside, enjoying spring breeze and early sun.

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