How does pruning help trees?

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Trees in the forest can grow however they want. They are free to spread out their limbs, branches can grow as high as they can and also the weak and old limbs can fall down to the forest floor anytime. However, trees in our homes and along every street have no freedom as the forest trees which is for a good reason.

Every homeowner wants to see their trees looking as natural as possible while also making sure they are strong and not a risk to anyone. This is where pruning comes in. Pruning is generally the removal of dead or unwanted branches thus enhancing the tree structure.

To ensure your safety is taken care of, we highly recommend you allow a professional pruner from canopy tree to do all the work for you at an affordable rate. They will also do all the work that you are not confident or comfortable doing. Below are some of the benefits of tree pruning.

1.  Tree growth and structure.

Pruning is essential in trees since it greatly influences how a tree grows and what structure it takes. With the right pruning, an expert can make a tree grow in a certain configuration of branches and limbs. Enhancing the tree structure is essential since it helps in reducing the risk of branches falling and also the risk of limbs breaking.

Once the tree is pruned in the right way there will be no cases of improper weight distribution or even compromising branch structures that may cause a disaster in the tree’s life later. The structure will not only promote the health of the tree but also enhance the overall look of the trees in your backyard.

The right pruning can make sure your trees grow as you want mostly if aesthetic is important to you.

2.  Pruning young trees.

The earlier you prune trees the better. Trees that are pruned while they are young tend to have a better structure as they grow. You also get to prune much less when the tree matures. Using an expert to prune your young trees properly is essential since the trees will develop a very strong and healthy structure as they grow.

As you prune, make sure you enhance a dominant leader that grows upward. Avoid pruning the back of this leader and also make sure the secondary branches do not outgrow the main one.

3.  Less is more.

Always keep it in mind that pruning too much of a tree is not necessary. You should prune as little as possible so that you can gain the result that you want. Ensure that you don’t prune more than a quarter of the tree since this is where its leaves are located and also where the energy comes from.

If you prune more than a quarter, you stand a risk of damaging the tree. However, if you want the pruning to be properly done, make sure you contact canopy trees for good quality work. Our arborists are qualified enough to deliver the services that you desire.

4.  Pruning techniques.

A certain type of pruning is essential in maintaining a grown tree in a healthy and attractive way. The various types include thinning, raising, and also cleaning.

●    Thinning

This is the type of pruning whereby an expert selects certain branches to enhance the structure and allow light to penetrate properly. This also allows air to move freely throughout the crown.

●    Raising.

This involves the removal of lower branches to allow adequate clearance for vehicles, cars or even buildings.

●    Cleaning.

This is practically the removal of diseased, weakly attached, dying and also low-vigor limbs or branches.


5.  When to prune.

Pruning should only be done during the dormant season when it is in the late winters unless your trees need an urgent branch removal. During this season the trees are less vulnerable from the effects of pruning. Trees are just like any other thing that is vulnerable to stress and if pruning is done, damage can be caused.

When the trees are dominant, the sap is also lost thus making it hard for the insects and fungus to also damage the trees. Different types of trees need a certain time for a proper pruning and also various approaches for them to have a healthy structure.


Most of us have heard that pruning is necessary and essential but do not know the reason as to why. The above reasons are some of the things that allows a tree to grow healthy and stronger with an elegant structure.