How To Avoid Summer Lawn Stress

It can be stressful when lawns suffer from many harsh conditions. Indeed, you could get a headache after several hours walking under the sun or get tired because of the high temperature. So, it is normal that your lawn is also stressed in the summer. In order to prevent your lawn from falling into the most dramatic situations, let’s check out some precautions below!

Some Tips to Avoid Summer Lawn Stress

Among the factors that can cause lawn stress, lack of water, high temperatures and foot traffic are the most popular factors that can lead to the stress of grass. Therefore, our goals are to keep the moisture of the grass, avoid fast evaporation and high temperature.

Watering correctly


Watering should be the first task that you need to do in order to help your lawn stay healthy during the summer. However, you cannot just water as much as you want or whenever you want. Watering smartly will save lots of water and time. Therefore, water in the early morning between 6 am and 9 am. At this time, water has enough time to absorb well into the soil and feed the grass roots because the temperature is still not too high. Then, after a long sunny day, it will dry up, and your lawn will be protected from the fast evaporation as well as the risk of the diseases caused by high humidity. For best results, we suggest that you should water 2 times a week with half an inch of water each time.

Mowing grass with nice cut


Before mowing the grass with some types of lawn mower such as manual lawn mower, self propelled lawn mower, please make sure that the mowing blades of your lawn mower are sharp enough to make a nice cut. A good cut leaf will keep water better than shredded grass which will lose moisture easily under high temperatures.

On the other hand, shredded tips will turn brown quickly because this is the first part of the leaves that lose water. Therefore, your lawn will look dull soon.

Besides that, when mowing, we always keep the old rule – do not cut shorter than 1/3 height of your lawn. This rule is quite simple: the longer grass will save moisture, the better.

Be careful when fertilizing


Fertilizing is necessary for grass to grow, since the fertilizer provides extra nutrients to feed the roots of grass. But, it is a huge mistake when thinking that we should fertilize our grass more in the summer as it grows fast and strong.

This is not true. Indeed, fertilizing in the hot and dry summer can burn your lawn because the fertilizer cannot be absorbed well into the soil. So, to avoid lawn stress in summer, you should not fertilize your lawn too much especially on a hot summer day.

Avoid walking on grass


It does not mean that you cannot walk on your grass. In fact, when you water your grass properly, then the high volumes of traffic will not affect too much on it because the well hydrated grass can spring back quickly. On the contrary, the dried grass can be stressed and damaged if we walk on it continuously because it cannot return to the original state. This could damage the roots of your grass because foot traffic prevents the air from getting into them. Therefore, you should water your lawn enough, and put some stepping-stones to minimize foot traffic also.

Cover your lawn with mulch


It is a good idea to cover the mulch on your lawn. Mulch consists of the lawn leaves which was left behind after mowing lawn. Covering lawn with mulch will help release the natural nutrients from the mulch into the soil and this is the safest way to enhance the quality of your soil.

Besides that, a light cover of mulch can also prevent the sunlight from getting on the ground surface and increase the temperature that leads to fast evaporation. Thereby, it will help keep a suitable level of water in the soil and decrease the risk of lawn stress.



Summer is the greatest time of the year, when you can enjoy your holiday by having a party with your family on your green lawn. To keep your lawn green and healthy, I know that you may have to spend lots of time to take care of it in the winter and spring. Therefore, do not forget to continue taking care of your lawn, and keep it strong in the summer. With some tips from this article, we believe that you will only have to spend a little time and effort to prevent your lawn from the summer stress and keep it healthy during this season. So, please remember these tips above and try to apply them to have the perfect lawn.

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