Some Useful Tips to Take Care of Your Lawn in Summer

Summer is the great season to spend time resting, doing some outdoor activities or taking care of your lawn and garden. With a nice lawn yard, we can hold an outdoor party or have many outdoor activities with our family. That is the reason why I can say that keeping your lawn healthy may be one of the primary gardening tasks in the summer.

If you are a beginner, you may find it a little bit difficult on how to keep your lawn in a good condition, especially when changing seasons. But do not worry. Here are some valuable tips that can help you maintain your healthy lawn throughout the summer.

Some Useful Tips to Take Care of Your Lawn in Summer

In fact, all lawns are highly stressful in summertime, because the heat increases. Meanwhile the humidity and precipitation decreases in some regions. To keep your lawn in good condition, please follow the instructions below:

Watering Properly


Lack of water is the main reason of causing stress for your grass. Indeed, water is one of the most important factors for the growth of your lawn. Therefore, please remember to water your lawn at least an inch of water every week, and even more when the temperature gets higher.

You do not need to water too many times a week. Instead, watering less frequently would ensure better lawn health. Besides, please make sure that you water deeply so that the water can absorb well into the soil to feed the roots of your lawn. A healthy and strong root system will help your lawn to be able to withstand and fight back the drought weather.

The perfect time to water in the summer is in the early morning. This is the time when the temperature is not high enough to create a fast evaporation, so the water will have enough time to absorb well into the soil.

Mowing Regularly


The mowing height is one setting that we need to change in the summer. Too many leaves could lead your lawn to the drought condition, which can cause lawn stress. Therefore, please adjust the mowing height of your push mower, self propelled mower or reel mower from 3.0 to 3.5 inches. This will help to reduce the loss of water from the soil and maintain the moisture in it.

On the other hand, grass grows fast in spring and in summer, and it should not be cut off more than 1/3 of its height. So, maybe you also have to increase the mowing frequency. Besides that, mowing your lawn regularly with lawn mower will help to reduce the appearance of weeds.

Fertilizing Correctly


Fertilizing always takes an important role in lawn care. Indeed, fertilizing provides extra nutrients to your soil, and it is necessary because the grasses grow fast during the summer time. However, please remember to feed your lawn efficiently and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. The feeding session still depends on the weather of each region. Just make sure that you do not over fertilize because this can be harmful to your lawn. Over fertilizing can burn your lawn due to exceed chemicals.

To prevent fertilizing issues, you may want to use the organic fertilizers which are slow-released types. They are safe for the environment and not likely to burn your lawn. Another point you should pay attention to is: do not fertilize your lawn on the high temperature days, since it is not good for your lawn. However, if you have no choice, please fertilize in the early morning when the weather is still cool.

Lawn Problem Controlling



Weed control is one thing that you should never forget in lawn care. If grass can grow well and fast during the summertime, then weeds can also. When the weeds spread out in a huge range, they can cause lawn stress by taking all of the nutrients and water in the soil.

Beside that, they also destroy the beauty of your lawn. The lawn experts have offered two simple methods in order to control weeds: treat weeds before they start to grow and at the end of the season. You can use an all-in-one treatment for convenience weed control, but please make sure that you read the instruction carefully so that the treatment will not harm your lawn also. If you do not want to apply any chemical products such as weed killers to your lawn, then make sure that you will pull off those weeds manually, including their roots, every time you walk on your lawn.

Insects and diseases


Please do not forget that bugs and fungus are still there, and they will develop rapidly in the warm season. Therefore, let’s start with a short observation around your lawn to see if there is any sign of them; it could be a poorly growing patch or brown spot on your lawn. If you find an unhealthy spot, then try to apply fungicide and insecticides. In case there is not any unusual signal found, then you can prevent insect and fungus by spraying an all-in-one treatment chemical, which can be used for treating weeds, insects and fungus as well. Moreover, please avoid watering in the evening, since the moisture level could increase and create a good condition for insects and diseases to develop.



Practices for lawn care are different each season. That is the reason why we should modify our lawn care method properly, so that it can deliver the best results for your lawn. Once you understand and remember the lawn care tips in the summer, which were mentioned above, then you absolutely can enjoy the summer days with your family on the beautiful, green and healthy grasses..

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