How to Grow Morel Mushrooms: Some Simple Tricks for You

Do you love morel mushrooms? Do you want to know how to grow morel mushrooms? Are you looking for some tips to grow morel mushrooms at home? We all love morel mushrooms for the delicious flavor and want to include it in our diet, but these are expensive. However, you can grow it on your own at home.

The process is not complicated. With the proper idea of how to grow the morel mushrooms and how long does it take, you can simply have your favorite morel mushrooms in your backward even indoors. If you are looking for some tips to grow the morel mushrooms, you can go through the followings. In this article, you will come to know about some easy-to-follow methods to grow them.

How to Grow Morel Mushrooms?

It will be a step by step procedure. You just need to follow all them to get the result. You will have to prepare the bed and soil and to take care of the spawn. In this article, you will come to know more than one method to grow the morel mushrooms.

Besides, you should always consider growing the morel mushrooms between the summer and fall. These mushrooms do not grow well in tropical environments, especially in the absence of the spring and winter. Therefore, first, you will have to choose the right season. Then you can go through the following procedures.

#1 - Prepare the spawn

To start the process, you will have to spawn a morel mushroom. For this, you need to hang a morel mushroom in the transparent dish with a flat lid, known as the petri dish. You can keep a layer of agar in the Petri dish and simply tap the mushroom to remove the spores. Make sure that they are falling into the agar. Cover the Peti dish until white mycelium strands grow thick. You can divide these strands with a knife.

#2 - Spawning

Spawning is a little tricky. You need to follow the instructions carefully to avoid any inconvenience. To start with, you need to place moist grain in the sterile trays, and then you can add the slices of the mycelia. Leave the grain as it is for around 24 hours for the immunization. After 24 hours, you can mix five parts of the prepared grain with one part of the sterile potting soil. Mix it well and place it in a sterile container. Keep the preparation in a dark place for a month. During this period, the sclerotia will take shape in the container.

#3 - Find the right place for the patch

You are half-done. Now you will have to find out a proper place for the mushroom patch. You need to get a 20 square feet shady area. Always remember that morels will prefer elm, oak, apple, ash, and maple trees for the root hosts. Therefore, you will have to find out such a place to provide the right environment for the proper growth. After finding that tree, you need to cultivate the soil up to twelve inches.

#4 - Prepare the soil

To prepare the soil, you will need wood ashes and the compost. You will have to dig these things into the soil to create a proper growing condition for your mushrooms.

#5- Fruiting

Now your soil is prepared. You will have to wait till the late fall to scatter the spawn all over the mushroom patch. You just need to scatter one gallon for twenty square feet of land. Make the spawn get inside the soil and then add one cup of compost every week to the soil. You can also add wood ashes. Both the compost and the wood ashes will create favorable conditions for fruiting.

Other Methods for Growing Morel Mushrooms

You can also consider the slurry method to grow mushrooms on your own at home. It will be easier and can be followed easily, even by the inexperienced. It is something like the solution of the water, a form of sugar, salt, and spores. You spores need to be floated in the water. To prepare this solution, you will need wild morels. These morel mushrooms need to be mature, but make sure that these are not rotting or mushy. You will need a few wild morels per gallon of water. Then you can go through the followings to grow the mushrooms.

  • Take some clean and non-chlorinated water in a food container.
  • You need to add a tablespoon of molasses and a pinch of salt in that water and then mix it properly. The salt will slow down the bacterial growth, and the molasses will help to grow the spores.
  • Now you can place the mushroom in that solution and then let it be covered in a temperate place for a day or two. Follow the time carefully. If you keep it for a long time, it can develop the bacteria and prevent the proper growth.
  • Remove the mushrooms after the described period; you will have millions of spores.

You can scatter this spore liquid over the prepared mushroom bed. To prepare the bed, you need a shady spot with the area of 4 feet square. You can prepare the soil with the compost and wood ashes as mentioned earlier.

You can also spread the spore liquid at the base of the dying apple and other above-mentioned trees. But you need to prepare the soil much before. The process will be easy and less time-consuming. But the downside is that the success rate will not be same as the previous method. The previous method is a little time-consuming. But it is considered more successful.


Both these methods are used to cultivate mushrooms. You can follow any of them depending on your preference. If you are looking for an easy method, you can consider the slurry one. It will be less time-consuming as well. If you want a more productive result, you can consider the first one. This is more effective and offers better results. But you will have to be a little patient to achieve the result.

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