Mars Hydro 300W review

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When it comes to growing your cannabis plants, you want to make sure that they are given the best start in life possible. Indeed, plants which are not given a good start and are not provided with the correct growing conditions are unlikely to thrive and provide a plentiful and generous yield when it comes to harvesting the buds from them; therefore, making sure that you invest in the right growing equipment is absolutely essential. And one of the most important things that you need to think about carefully when looking to grow your own cannabis is the grow light that you choose. The Mars Hydro 300 W is one such grow light—but does it meet the reputation expected of it? This Mars Hydro 300 W review will give you all of the information that you need to make sure you are buying the right grow lamp for your system and budget!

Key Features of the Mars Hydro 300 W Grow Light

The Mars Hydro 300 W grow light is a highly popular choice of grow light for many cannabis growers, and with nearly 1200 4.5 star reviews on Amazon, it is relatively easy to see that this product can be expected to be one which will give great results!

The Mars Hydro 300 W grow light is a specially designed grow light, ideal for hobby and small scale growers. Though it may not be quite as flashy as some other grow lights that are available on the market, this particular model is a good option for balancing affordability with functionality.

It features a total of 60 individual small lights. This feature allows the Mars Hydro 300 W grow light to cover a wide area with a generous amount of light, ensuring that none of your germinating seedlings will be competing with each other for light with which to photosynthesise.

The 60 individual small lights are made from specialist LEDs which have been designed and adapted to provide an even greater efficiency than other model LEDs on the market, which makes the Mars Hydro 300 W grow light unit a good option for people looking to save money on their growing energy bills. In fact, when compared with a generic LED lighting system, it is claimed that this model will be able to cover an area of twice the size on a consumption of the same amount of energy, making it twice as cost effective; this will also save money on the initial cost of buying the unit, as it can cover more space and so fewer lights will be needed in order to ensure consistent coverage of light for all of the crops.

In addition to this, another key feature of the Mars Hydro 300 W grow light is that it is an incredibly easy grow light unit to install. Some grow lights can need a lot of fussy wiring and may even need someone with specialist electric knowledge in order to install and wire up. However, for this particular model, that isn’t necessary at all. The unit is designed to simply plug in and is then ready to use; it even has its own inbuilt cooling systems to ensure that you don’t have to worry about the lights overheating, and so additional fan units won’t be needed in the grow room.

Pros and Cons of the Mars Hydro 300 W


The Mars Hydro 300 W grow light offers a number of different positive points. As well as being an affordable grow light for small scale growers, it also offers a high efficiency and coverage area, which will reduce the costs of the system while maximising yield from your plants. Furthermore, the inbuilt cooling system will make sure that you don’t need to worry about factors such as the unit overheating. The Mars Hydro 300 W grow light is also incredibly easy to wire in and get going, compared to some grow lights which need more time and attention to get up and running.

The Mars Hydro 300 W grow light comes with a 3 year authentic warranty and a 30 days money back guarantee if anything should go adversely wrong with the unit. In addition to this, the company tests each grow light prior to shipping to make sure that it is working as expected.


There are two primary cons associated with this model. While it is an ideal option for small scale growers, large scale or professional growers may want to look at investing in an even more efficient or sizable unit than this one. Furthermore, it is also a small model, so more upfront investment may be needed for large scale growers to get enough lights to cover the grow room.

Product Specifications

The Mars Hydro 300 W grow light is a small scale grow light which measures in at 30.5 x 20.3 x 7.6 cm. It has a frequency of about 55 HZ and creates 56 DB of noise. It requires a voltage of up to 265 volts and gives an LED output power of 60 pcs * 5 watt as a result.

Final Thoughts

The Mars Hydro 300 W grow light offers a number of different pros and cons alike, and these make it particularly suited to small scale growers and hobby growers. Other models may be better suited to professional growers, due to the size of this model.