Remedies for Your Punctured Freezer

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A Refrigerator is a machine after all, and it can become faulty at any time, damaging your food and functioning inaccurately. The temperature fluctuations are another cause of the punctured freezer.

The time you realize that you have a punctures freezer which has started slipping off from the walls and hitting something inside, then it is time that your freezer needs to get a remedy done!

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So below we have mentioned some ways to correct the punctured freezer.

The First thing you can do!

Do not worry; initially, you can remove the power connection for the safety precautions. After that do not forget to remove all the stuff out of it. Of course, the frozen food with you will have to preserve in order to keep it in a good condition.

  • You can have a thorough check and it is a good time to throw the older food and get the place for the new one.
  • If there is a leakage of Freon gas, then you can open up doors and windows in order to get some ventilation

What to do in case of punctured Freon Line?

If you hear the hissy sound, then it is possible that you have punctured your Freon line.

  • And if this possibility is true, and then you have no other option left but to make a replacement of your freezer.
  • The older manufactured freezers need a lot of defrosting process to be followed before actually starting a repair. It costs higher to make a replacement of evaporator and make the Freon system charged as well. Due to that, it is at any time a good decision to replace a freezer rather than opting for these expensive ideas.

What is repairing done in case of no gas leak?

If you have found that there is no Freon gas leakage and your freezer is just getting the water leakage due to improper temperature, then your freezer is in the condition of recovery.

  • By making the freezer temperature on an accurate bar, it is possible to repair the puncture.
  • If you are aware that there is no Freon leakage, then using a fridge repair kit is any time a wiser option rather than going for freezer replacement.

If you are feeling unsafe to make repairs on your own, then you can probably go for certified appliance firm and call up the technician if you think this repairing is not your cup of tea.

What remedies should be followed in future to avoid punctures?

You can follow the below-given steps in order to avoid the future punctures in your freezer;

  • Disconnect the plug and remove all the stuff from the freezer.
  • Get the drainage hose and get it away from the freezer, also you can spread old newspapers to keep your floor cleaner.
  • You can use methods from several; you can wait until an ice naturally starts defrosting; Hairdryer can be used; you can separate ice chunks with a hot cloth or by using a spatula, or you can also keep hot water bowls on the shelves of the freezer in order to make an ice melt.
  • Make sure that you are not using any sharp thing to chop off the ice, and then the trouble is on its way!

You can remove an ice once you have cleaned all the water.

  • After all the above procedure, make the freezer clean and dry before plugging in.
  • Make sure that there is a sealed situated on the door if there is a need f replacement.

Do not wait until the freezer is full of ice; try to defrost it before it gets a 1/4rth inch of ice.

Following this procedure makes the defrosting task easy and you can keep your food away from spoiling.

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