How to Shop for Irrigation Supplies in Australia?

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If you are setting up an irrigation system in your home, you want to have all the necessary supplies for an effective system. With the right apparatus, you can be able to ensure that your garden or yard gets a suitable water supply. This will also save you the stress and time of doing the watering job yourself. Need help with finding quality irrigation supplies in Australia? You can find useful tips in the sections below.

Why do You Need Irrigation Supplies?

Setting up an irrigation system is the best way to go if you don’t want to have to move around with a can or hose to do the job of watering your plants or lawn. With a well-fitted apparatus, you can easily maintain the moisture level to encourage healthy plant growth.

Whether you will be hiring someone to help out with the installation or you will be doing the job yourself, you want to ensure you get the best irrigation supplies. And you can trust to find good service providers if you need professional assistance. You can check Waterpro Australia for all your irrigation needs, which could include setting up, repair, and maintenance of your watering systems.

What do you Need in your Irrigation System?

It may look like a complex system to set up, but there is nothing technical to it. But you do need to have plumbing skills to be able to fit it properly. So if you are going to be hiring someone or a company for the job, you want to ensure they are equal to the task. But you also want to know a thing or two about what should be part of your lawn watering system.

You could try a DIY approach where you can design a custom setup using any choice materials. But you want to ensure that it is well fitted and is leak proof. You also want to consider the fertilizer feeding method with your installation. This is where working with a professional or using the right irrigation apparatus in your yard.

Below is a list of some of the essential things you’ll need when setting up a watering system for your lawn.

  • Valve boxes
  • Mainline pipe fittings
  • Air vent
  • Pump valves
  • Water meter
  • Drip emitters
  • Bubblers
  • Sprinkler heads
  • Connecting hose and pipes
  • Fertilizer spreader
  • Adhesives and tapings to help with leaks

The central units required would depend on how you intend to set up the system. It may be an excellent idea to leave the tap running into the yard to water the grass. But there is a reason why you need a controlled watering system. For one, you won’t be doing much when it is watering time, and you can be sure the yard or plants would be healthy. This is why you want to consider working with a professional if you wish for an efficient irrigation system.

Setting up a Watering System

When it comes to the ideal setup choice for your lawn, you could choose from either a drip, soak, or spray system. Drip irrigation is the most preferred choice for many gardeners and property owners looking to install watering systems in their space. And if this is what you want to use in your setup, you could find more useful tips below to know what’s involved in setting up a drip system in your yard.

Plan the Space

Sure, you want to have an outline for where the system will be fitted in the space. This includes the sections for the valve manifold and the sprinkler heads. You can have this drawn on a piece of paper. And if you would be hiring experts, you want to work closely in the planning stage,

Locate the Water Source

For an effective irrigation system, you want to have direct access to water. This will, of course, serve as storage for when you need to run the sprinklers. The best systems make use of a spigot that runs just close to the yard for where you attach the mains from the manifold. To access the main lines and keep things flowing smoothly, you will need to attach an anti-siphon valve, which helps keep brackish water and chemicals from coming in contact with the main supply.

Dig a Trench

You will need to dig a trench for the lines to run underground. A depth of 8 inches should be enough and ensure to cover with sod not to leave the lines exposed.

Setup Valve Manifold and Run Pipes

The valve manifold is the box that runs the piping through the field. So it is the first thing you need to install before pulling in the pipes. With the box in place, you can then run the lines starting from the manifold. Ensure to use the right size pipe and hosing for your connection to prevent leakage in your setup.

Install a Sprinkler and Connection Switch

You want to choose sprinklers that are suited for your landscape. It has to at the right height and able to reach the entire length of the yard. Once done, you can then move on to connect the switch to complete the setup. The link here has more on using sprinklers.

Finding Irrigation Supplies in Australia

You wouldn’t have trouble finding supplies for a watering system in Australia, but you want to ensure you research to find the best suppliers and retailers. You can check with Waterpro as advised above, but you can also find other professional outfits.

The internet is an excellent place to check for reliable businesses near you that install and service irrigation systems. You could also check with other home owners who have one in their yard to help you with contacts to a professional.

Final Note

Whether you will be working with someone or intend to do it yourself, you must use the best apparatus. You want to ensure that brackish water, fertilizer, and chemicals do not contact the main supply. You should also check that everything is tightened correctly to prevent any leakages.