Three Ways To Get Your Garden Ready For Summer This Year

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The weather is still grey and miserable but you can still look at getting your garden ready for the summer early to save a rushed job as the warmer months approach. The garden can be a place to relax, a land of imagination for the kids, somewhere to grow your own food and a place to gather for BBQs and drinks in the evenings. The possibilities are endless. Here are a few ways you can get ahead and start preparing your garden for the wonderful summer months this year.

Sow Some Seeds

Start the flowers, fruit, vegetables, or whatever you plan on growing this year. There are helpful calendars for seeing when it is best to sow seeds throughout the year to give the plants the best chance to grow well. You can start them indoors on the window sill so they are getting light and giving you a head start for some wonderful additions to the garden. Growing your own fruit and vegetables can save money and be fun for all the family.

For example, in February you can start planting onions, leeks, and some herbs like basil to start your garden of food.

Getting Help

There are times in life when you may be unable to do the garden whether that is health, time, or simply that you just don’t like doing all the messy and time-consuming bits. In those cases, there are benefits of using a landscape designer. They know what they are doing, can work to your budget, and are experts in envisioning a remarkable transformation for your garden. They also can work to a deadline that you give so you can make sure it’s ready for BBQs and relaxed evenings in the sun during summer.

They are also a great asset if you have a particularly small garden space to work with. They can make the most out of small spaces so you can still get everything you want from it.

Clear It All Out

If you do fancy doing some of the hard work yourself, now is a better time than any to strip it all back. Dig up all the weeds, mow the grass and turn over all the soil so it’s a blank canvas. Some bits are bound to grow back by the time you’re ready to start planting but it will certainly be a lot more manageable. It is very easy to let it overgrow in the winter and just let things get out of control. So by staying on top of it you are saving yourself a harder job later on in the year. As you are giving yourself plenty of time as well you don’t need to do it all in one go, you can do it in little bits to make it an easier job for yourself.

These few tips will help you enjoy your garden and embrace your space this summer. What are your favorite things to do in the garden?