Transforming An Unkempt Garden After Moving Into A New Home In 4 Easy Steps

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A beautiful backyard space is one of the most attractive features that any homeowner could ever look for when buying a new home. Sadly, not everyone sees it that way. So, if you’re about to move into a property where the garden is in need of some TLC, you are not alone.

It will feel like a daunting task ahead, but you can regain control of the situation in just three easy steps. Here’s how to transform the outside spaces without a huge investment of time of money in just four simple steps.

#1. Clear The Space

When buying the property, you should have received blueprints that include clear dimensions of the garden space. Nonetheless, actually seeing the space you have to work with will give you a far better shot at finding ways to unlock its full potential.

Decluttering the outside spaces may require an expert depending on the damage. In most cases, though, homeowners can clear debris, dead plants, and unwanted garden ornaments within a weekend. And most items can be disposed of in eco-friendly ways.

If you do this ASAP, it will feel like you have made significant progress. In turn, this should encourage you to kick on with the next steps.

#2. Tailor Your Design

Perhaps the most important issue to consider when building your new garden is that it should be personalized around you. You’ve only just moved into the home, so you don’t need to worry about resale prices. Your focus should be on adding value to your life.

The best garden spaces will encourage your family to spend more time outside. So, depending on your preferences, you may want to incorporate a deck or hire a pool designer. Similarly, you may crave jungle gyms or sporting equipment for the kids.

If you love gardening, a designated space for growing fruit and vegetables will prove to be valuable too.

#3. Transforming The Space

Clearing the space and deciding what you want to do with it is easy. Actually making it happen is where the real challenges begin. While focusing on those luxury additions like hot tubs or BBQ pits is great, you must not ignore the fundamentals.

The look of your grass is perhaps the most telling feature. A professional lawn care service can restore the backyard to its former glory, even if the previous owner overlooked this for years. This can work in conjunction with any updates or upgrades you’ve made too.

Painting fences and adding new gate locks are simple jobs that can be completed with ease. Do not forget them.

#4. Maintaining The Look

Most new homeowners will be more than happy to design a garden space that actively adds a new dimension to their lives. Sadly, the thought of dedicating hours of each week to maintaining the look is far less appealing.

While regular visits from your lawn expert will remove the most time-consuming tasks, there are other steps to think about. For example, a sprinkler may promote a healthier lawn too. A compost, self-sufficient gardening areas, and pool covers are all good ideas.

An awning can protect the patio area with telling impacts while using wood protector sealants is also advised. You’ll never look back.