Trimming Down On Electric Costs with Cordless Weed Eaters

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What you are really buying here is convenience disguised as a weed eater. Whether you prefer to call it a string trimmer or a weed eater- it doesn’t matter. It gets the job done efficiently. Holding the weed eater by its housing, it is nearly impossible to notice the speed at which this device operates. Cutting and trimming lawns become a blur. The rotators make sure that it is as precise as it is fast. Matter of fact, the faster it goes- the greater the precision you get. You can cut almost everything in the garden with the weed eater; it has earned its name. The grass along with slights and wooden plants are eaten by this machine that you can hold easily with your two hands.

Benefits of Cordless Weed Eaters

The cordless weed eaters feature a variety of parts that are functional. The cutting components are all optimized to carry out a task. The cutting path is influenced greatly by this- allowing for your eater to go the distance. The cordless ability doesn’t rob you of the customization to tweak the settings to adjust the cutting and edging options on your unit. Cordless weed cutters that mostly use gas are known to have two-cycle engines in their hardware. The entry levels of power are from a powerful 20 cc upwards in the best cordless weed eaters. This is mostly observed in the Weed Eater w25sfk unit. It is lightweight and very fast when it comes to cutting grass. The electrical units are somewhere in the +20V range.

Types of Cordless Weed Eaters

The cordless weed eater is one of the two types of weed eaters. This cordless feature is great for when you have to cut lawns further from your electrical outlet, or somewhere where the use of an extension cord is not accessible- like a landscaping job. This is the ultimate user-friendly cutting unit. The market has really optimized this weed cutter; it is easily powered to guarantee you the freedom of mobility. It affords you a great deal of functionality and accessibility. You can power this up with either gas or a rechargeable battery.

1. The Gas-Powered Weed Eater

GreenWorks 21142 is the best gas powered weed eater- it also comes with emission-reducing capabilities.This type of weed eater is the most recommended form of power for your weed eater. The gas powered unit is effective when you put it to the test of cutting tall grass and very stubborn weeds.


They are very mobile, allowing you the opportunity to travel to further places than other weed eaters.These are very efficient if you want to cut grass by the roadside or anywhere where there is no access to an electrical input nearby.


They are less unfriendly to the environment with their emissions than earlier models. They just require a deflector to decrease the emissions to the atmosphere while you use them. The deflector in most models is located on the left side of the unit at the head, if you are left handed- it is wise to check with the features in the manual before you buy one. It is harmful to deflect emission toward yourself.

Bonus feature

You get to access the level of the fuel visually on the latest developments on the unit.

Gas Powered Weed Eater

2. Electric Cordless weed eater

The best electric weed eater is the WORX 32-Volt GT2.0. The electric range of the trimmer includes the battery powered weed eater. This is costly when you buy it at the shop, but it saves you a lifetime of refueling the unit.


It is also safe for the environment- as it doesn’t emit any fumes. This is just as effective as its gas-fueled counterpart when it comes to cutting grass.

Cutting Capability

It is perfect for when you have to cut short grass in a terrain that has lengthy area. fumes, or pull-starting. They trim and edge impressively, and perform reasonably well in moderate-length grass.


You can easily recharge the unit from the comfort of your own home- allowing yourself great convenience. They are also lighter than the corded electric weed trimmer.

Weed Eater Trimming Capabilities

The shape of the blades affects trimming capability. The trimmers that are optimized for better cutting have a star-shaped blade; these are able to cut a larger surface area.

Weed eaters usually come in nylon or metal blades- this affects the torque of the unit greatly. The weed eaters with metal blades are the best.

Electric Cordless weed eater


How to Pick a Lightweight Weed Eater to Reduce Fatigue

It can get really taxing to use a weed eater. Due to their small size- you spend a great deal of time operating the unit with two hands. This is bound to cause you some strain as you use it causing some muscular pain in the upper region of the shoulders and your spinal column to stuffing The manufacturers of the cordless eater understand your problem fully. They have come up with new technology to help solve this minor setback. The weed trimmer has been made to be lighter than it is taking out the unnecessary components and materials that add to its weight. This is not all they are doing; they are also optimizing the other main factor that contributes to this. This is the vibration that you get from older models. The anti-vibration mode is perfect for adding more use of your machine without having to suffer its predecessor’s impact on your body.

Most heavy and high vibration frequency trimmers cause a painful side effect called HAVS (Hand & arm vibration syndrome).

The Best weed eater for this is the gas-powered Tool Turf Light-Weight. It is the best when it comes to size friendly units. At just 8.5 lbs it is very easy to handle. The balance on this unit is exceptional. You can use it easily for landscaping and other areas.

Safety Features

The Husqvarna 952711952 128CD is optimized for safety, with an automatic stop switch function that keeps it from running on its own when not used. It also has the function to purify the air from the carburetor.

For safety reasons, gas-powered weed eaters come with a centrifugal clutch that lets you keep the machine in idle without spinning the blades.

For Electric Weed eaters, the blades do not rotate unless you have a hand pressing on the switch.

How to Buy a Weed Eater at the Appropriate Time

You should take the time of season into consideration when you buy your grass cutter; the spring is when you need to buy an electrically powered eater- which can handle small maintenance jobs in the yard area. The more summer and heavy rains start to set in is when you need to get the gas powered weed eater, which is suited for tall grass and overgrown weeds.


Buying a weed eater will largely depend on what area you are planning to use it for. Whether it be a commercial purpose likes landscaping- that involves a large surface area- a gas powered weed eater is best suited here. Or, a domestic purpose that involves a small one- a cordless electric weed eater is perfect.


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