Types of Lawn Mowers & How to Buy the Right Lawn Mower

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A lawnmower is a highly popular machine that cuts lawn grass evenly and precisely to make your lawn look perfect. It has rotating blades or fixed ones at the bottom of the mower. It does not matter the size of your lawn; a lawn mower can cover more than a tennis court smoothly. Besides, there are different types of lawn mowers to choose from for different effort levels..

Types of Lawn Mower

Are all lawn mowers the same? In terms of function, yes, but they differ in many features, ease of use, and effort required.

1.Push Reel Mower

It is the simplest of all types. In this variant, blades rotate vertically to cut against a fixed blade at the bottom. A reel mower can have three to seven blades depending on its model. Furthermore, it snips grass with a scissoring action. This mower is manual, safe, and easy to use and relatively inexpensive.

2. Rotary Lawn Mower

Rotary lawn mower operates via blade spins horizontally. It uses more of a sucking and tearing option to cut the grass. The power mower or rotary mower uses one blade and engine power for its action. Most rotary mowers have either a gas engine or an electric engine. If it is electric, it can be both corded or cordless with a rechargeable battery and you can choose the desired length of grass you want to keep with these machines.

3. Riding Lawn Mower

In case you have to cover a big area, then riding-lawn mower is the best option. This lawn mower is more like a small tractor. These lawn mowers use either a manual transmission or hydrostatic transmission. The hydrostatic transmission system uses a fluid rather belt and pulley system.

This is the most expensive type of lawnmower for obvious reasons, but is best suited for a large lawn, football pitch, or a golf court. It is possible to cut more than 4 acres of grass in a single day when you have a riding lawn mower.

4. Hover Mower

Hover mower creates a cushion of air between the lawn and the lawnmower. Because of this air cushion, the lawn mower lifts a bit, and its blade cuts through grasses. These mowers are lightweight and can be easily moved on uneven surfaces. It’s plastic body makes it lightweight for ease of use.  This machine uses an electric motor.

5. Robotic Mower

It is the latest of all variants. Just turn it on and let it wander. A border wire contains it. That wire must define its area of action. Because of its automatic system, the robot mower connects to the wire and then judges its area that needs to be trimmed. They are electrically charged, and it is effortless to use such lawnmowers.

How to Buy the Right lawn Mower

By now we have had an introduction to the types of lawn mowers out there. Now let’s explore the  criteria to buy the right lawn mower for you.

1. Self-propelled or Push Type

Self-propelled lawn mowers draw energy from the engine while the push lawn mowers need your manual force. Because of wheels, self-propelled lawn mowers have better traction on slopes. Though push types are more affordable but it requires more physical effort to trim grasses.

2. Yard Size

Before you buy a lawn mower, it is better to consider your yard size as well. That is because push mowers are mainly for small yards. If the total area of the lawn is within 100 square meter, then it is a small lawn.

A lawn that is between 100 to 250 square meters is considered a medium size lawn. For this type of yard, you should go with electric or gas powered lawn mowers. Lastly, yards that are above 250 square meters need a riding lawn mower.

3. Hour Meter

This is an exclusive feature in riding lawn mowers. This indicates the hours the engine has run since its last oil change. There are models with smartphone apps to track hours since last maintenance to help you keep up with the maintenance schedule. Better upkeep will mean longer life span of the lawn mower.

4. Washout Port

It is important to clean the underside after each cut. Some models make it easier to clean with washout ports. All you need is to connect a hose and flush the clippings beneath the mower deck.

5. Electric or Gas Engine

Lawn mower engines can be either electric or gas types. Electric engine mowers can be either corded or cordless. In case it is cordless, it needs to be recharged after every use. On the other hand, gas models have easy push buttons to start mowing. However, you have to have a supply of gas available should you run out.

6. Uniform Wheels

Choose uniform wheels over large rear wheels. That is because uniform wheels are easy to work with. Also, it requires less force to drive it to every corner of your lawn.

7. High Back Seat and Cup Holder

This is exclusively important for riding mowers. The high back seat is more comfortable and supportive than a conventional seat. A cup holder has its obvious benefits of comfort!. Riding mowers also have cruise control. It is a system that lets you lock in a ground from a speed motor.

8. Handle or Folding Handle

Folding handles can be stored easily while other handles do not have that flexibility. So, if you are searching for a space-saving option, collapsible handles are the best option.

9. Noise

You don’t want to be that neighbour who annoys everyone around him with a loud lawn mower.  Electric motors are less noisy in comparison to the gas engine ones. Also, manual mowers like push reel mowers have negligible noise during trimming.

10. Budget and warranty

Most lawn mowers will come with a warranty. So check the product reviews carefully before you spend. Other than that, lawn mowers can cost from 100 dollars to 14000 dollars. So, you will need to research the mowers that fit your budget more closely. If it is costly, then look for a warranty. Though low-budget lawn mowers do not have a warranty, you can use it for over a year without any big hassle.

11. Customer Review

This is especially important when you are buying it online. There are thousands of lawn mowers with different models and specifications. So, check its customer ratings to judge its quality and customer satisfaction ratings. You will definitely  have a clear idea about the product from customer comments. Pay attention to the  negative comments – as there lies the deficiency of a particular model or make. They are the potential problem that you might face with this product.

Lawn mowers are a vital household need for any house with a yard. Before you buy a lawn mower, it is important to know the type of lawnmower it is and the key features it will have. Choose the machine that serves your need and budget best. Try the buying tips above to find your perfect lawn mower.